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To facilitate better, hassle free study and keep SGIIANS healthy physically and mentally , SGI provides following facilities: AC Classrooms,  Free Book Bank, Central Library, AC/Cooler Hostel, Transport, Sports (Indoor, outdoor), Cafeteria, Central Computing Facility,Central Workshops.

Air Cooled Classrooms

For the comfort of students, all the classrooms in the college are fitted with AC. Which runs on power in summer while classes are being utilized as per the timetable.


Free Book Bank

SGI offers Book bank facility, which will ease the student’s task by ensuring that all requisite syllabus text books are made available to all the students free of cost for the complete semester with refundable security deposit..

Girls & Boys Common Rooms

SGI has separate common rooms for girls and boys. where they can relax/read or interact with each other in free time.


SGI has separate hostel for boys in Campus and for girls. SGI ensures a safe and healthy environment with random spot inspections to insure discipline & hygiene in the hostel. Students will be provided hygienic & homely food at no extra cost.

Rooms with Attached bath with Air Cooled option
  • Fully furnished Mess
  • Game room
  • Entertainment room
  • Playground
  • Heated Water



SGI has fleet of buses to pick up the students from Delhi, Faridabad, Palwal, Sohna, and Gurgaon which runs on defined routes.


To facilitate better, hassle free study and keep SGIIANS healthy physically and mentally , SGI provides following facilities: Air cooled Classrooms, Free Book Bank, Central Library, Air cooled Hostel, Transport, Sports (Indoor, outdoor), Cafeteria, Central Computing Facility,Central Workshops.
Sports Facilities

To achieve he objective of keeping SGIIANS healthy physically and mentally SGI has:

Indoor Games: Table Tennis,Carom Board,Chess

Outdoor games: Basket ball Court, Lawn Tennis Court, Volley Ball Court, Badminton Court, Cricket, Football

Students Clubs and separate common rooms for girls and boys.


SGI has an self-service Cafeteria. It caters to the student’s needs and is a great place to roam in between the hectic class and laboratories schedule. All snacks and food served in SGI cafeteria in a hygienic and clean conditions. We server RO water to all the students.




Cafeteria has:

  • Varied Menu
  • Fresh Preparation
  • Extra Attention to Hygiene

Central Computing Facility
Fully Air conditioned Computing facility is established as a Central facility with latest computers @ 1 per 4 students with an area of about 2.5 Sqm per computer. The number of World class high end Branded computers DELL Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHZ are installed as per AICTE norms in the 1,350 Sqm. area of the center. Besides, printer computer terminals ratio 1:10 and adequate Online UPS and licensed software are provided. All terminals are on LAN/WAN and dedicated internet connectivity (bandwidth 1 MBPS , 24 x 7, 60 nodes).

Maximum freedom shall be given to students to work in the center. It is likely to be the one of the major activity center for the students and staff.

Central Library

The mission of SGI is to support the educational goals and instructional needs of the institute. It provides students with ample resources to supplement classroom and laboratory learning, to help develop their research and independent learning skills. To support our goal, SGI has an excellent library in 460 sq. m area. The library has more than 9000 volumes in addition to National & International Technical Journals and Magazines. Students have access to Digital Library/e-library to nurture their research aptitude. Central library is fully computerized with internet facility to assist online research for staff and students. The library is having the following sections:

  • Lending Section,Reference Section,Book-Bank Section,Journal Section,Reading Area

The library will remain open for 8-10 hours a day.

Central Workshops

The workshops in the institute will cater to the following facilities:

  • Training to students in different trades.
  • Repairs & Maintenance of furniture & other items in the institute.
  • Fabrication of projects by the students.

Workshop has following sections to address the need of students:

  • Carpentry & Pattern Making
  • Fitting Shop
  • Smithy Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Sheet-Metal & Paining Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • Machines Shop
  • Stores (Misc)