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Centre of Excellence


  • Professional Courses and Certification by Oracle
  • ISTQB Course Material Provided by Germany, Accredited by Indian testing Board.
  • SGI is the Center for online exams for (ORACLE OCA, OCP), ISTQB.
  • Professional Courses and Certification by IBM, RedHat LINUX coming soon.
  • Industrial Trainings on Projects: The students will be trained for the technology required by the industry and will be trained by Professional Instructors. By the end of four years the students will have both technical skills and soft skills to join companies.
  • Employability enhancement programs will be provided, where they will be trained to brighten their chance to get a job after finishing their degree.
  • Mock interviews will be conducted.
  • Practical Experience: Apart from certified courses, practical experience will be imparted to the students by involving them in different kinds of projects.
  • Placements: The center of excellence will bring in companies for final year placement and students will get an opportunity to get a campus placement.
  • Industrial Trainings: They can conduct industrial training right in the campus by involving in various projects. The training certificate will be issued.
  • Workshops: The center of excellence will conduct conferences/workshops with experts from the partner companies which will be a very good exposure to the students.