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Experienced Faculty

The quality of the academic staff is decisive for the quality of the college. At SGI the members of the academic staff come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience in the field of education that have shaped many of minds.

At SGI, we will promote continuous refinement of the faculty through:

Faculty Development

Programs/Seminars : Faculty members will be encouraged to work on national & international journals, it’s much more than an information source, and it stimulates thought by offering a multitude of ideas.
Those with lesser experience will be encouraged to participate in educational seminars that will act as an excellent source for the ‘best teaching practices’.
These seminars would be valuable for young professionals and teachers to obtain great ideas on relevant issues.

To further encourage Faculty Development, SGI has following Awards:

  • Paper Publishing Award
  • Further Study Sponsorship

Faculty Exchange Programmes

Faculty members will be sent to other colleges to learn their educational system .This will provide them a chance to enhance their teaching style. In other words, it will help them bring out the best in themselves to serve others better.