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Code of Conduct

Academic Discipline

  1. It is compulsory for each and every student to attend all lectures, tutorials and practical. While stipulating 100% attendance, the University makes provision for a minimum 75% attendance for a student to be eligible to appear in the Sessional Test and University Semester (Theory and Practical) examinations.
  2. Every student must compulsorily appear in all the tests, complete all assignments, including tutorial and project work etc. given by different teachers within the time period specified. Students should bear in mind that internal assessment marks are based on their performance and any failure in this regard would be at the cost of the student concerned.
  3. Late entry into and mid/early departures from classroom, lab etc. are strictly prohibited.
  4. All the students must be inside the lecture halls/laboratories during lecture hours and lab sessions. Roaming in the corridors, the cafeteria or staying back in the hostel rooms or any other part of the campus during lectures /tutorials /practical amount to serious violation of academic code of conduct. Any student found doing so would be subjected to disciplinary action.
  5. Students are not allowed to engage in sports/games or any other during lecture/tutorials.

General Discipline

  1. Students are required to carry their ID-Cards with them all the time.
  2. Students must wear the Institute Uniform to be entitled on specified days to enter the academic premises.
  3. Mobile Phones and/or any other electronic gadgets must be switched off in academic domains during any kind of curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular activity.
  4. Eatables, tea, coffee, soft drinks or any such items cannot be consumed during academic engagement and in academic spaces, including classrooms, labs, library corridors, staircases and the like.
  5. Students must learn and strictly observe normal decency, guidelines and rules of the academic institution on a daily basis.
  6. Be courteous and polite in dealing with all the staff members and employees.
  7. Have no weapons or any other item designed to inflict harm or damage on campus.
  8. Walking at a normal pace in the premises of Institute, Silence and/ or speaking in a soft voice in and around the library, laboratories, offices of the Director, Deans, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Officials, Faculty rooms and corridors of academic buildings is desirable. It must be noted that shouting, talking in loud voice or in chorus, using indecent and discourteous language any where within the institutions premises are considered serious acts of indiscipline and shall invite penal action.
  9. Be considered and helpful to fellow students and all human beings.
  10. Not issuing any public or press statement, sending letters to editors, Government, public servants of notaries without prior permission and approval of the Director in writing.
  11. Keeping the status, dignity, prestige and reputation of your alma mater i.e. HIT, high and not engaging in anything that directly or indirectly undermine the standing or the Institution.
  12. Students must adhere to be dress code the dignity of a technical/ professional student at all times within the Institution premises.
  13. Students must not be involved in quarrelling or fighting or any indecent verbal or physical activity among themselves, the staff and faculty or visitors. Direct or indirect involvement in any such activity will be considered as serious breach of disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulting students.
  14. Students are not allowed to squat on the parapet walls and engage in gossiping, making noise and other such activity.
  15. Gross misconduct, indulgence in acts of indiscipline, violation of academic or general discipline can render a student liable for expulsion/ rustication. The COMMITTEE is empowered to recommend the expulsion from the institution for a specified period, not less one year, or complete rustication. The following and similar acts have been identified as gross acts of indiscipline:
    • Involvement physical fight resulting in physical injury to fellow students in the Institute or outside the Institute.
    • Development of links with, providing shelter to and facilitating the nefarious activity of anti- social/undesirable individual or groups.
    • Possession of firearms, life threatening weapons or any other item uses in physical confrontations.
    • Involvement in group/ gang fighting.
    • Misbehavior in whatsoever form with members of opposite sex.

Hostel Discipline

  1. Students are bound to abide by Hostel rules. Erring students may be punished, fined or even expelled from the hostel as well as the Institute.
  2. Students seeking admission to the hostel have to apply separately.
  3. All hostellers are expected to be in their rooms by 9 PM. Attendance will be taken by the Warden at 09:00 P.M. every night.
  4. Prior permission for staying away during the night is to be obtained from the warden in writing duly specifying the purpose.
  5. Application duly signed by Guardian/ Parents is required from the residents for absenting themselves from hostel for more then 3 days.
  6. All residents are required to have meals from the hostel mess.
  7. Meals will be served only in the dining hall and during the hours notified for the purpose.
  8. Guests can be served meals in the hostel canteen on cash payment. Canteen bill has to be settled directly.
  9. Normally, guests are not permitted to stay in hostel at night. In exceptional cases, with the prior permission of the warden, blood relations, -viz father, brother may be allowed to stay for a single night. Women guests are not allowed to visit a male resident’s room and vice versa.
  10. General
    • Hostellers have to conduct themselves with dignity and decorum.
    • Any damage to hostel property would be repaired at resident’s cost.
    • No resident will disturb fellow residents by making loud noise or playing music loudly.
    • Gambling and use of alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited.
    • Lights and fans and all electrical appliances must be switched off and taps must be closed when not in use.
    • Residents are not permitted to use electrical gadgets other than fluorescent tubes/ table lamp.