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Teaching Methodology

SATYA has an experienced and highly qualified faculty comprising of permanent as well as visiting faculty. When combined with a well structured curriculum including latest trends and methodologies, regular corporate exposure and a work culture that encourages creativity.

The teaching methodology adopted at SATYA is a balance between academic rigor and exposure to a wide variety of experiences in industry, summer training, case studies and projects combines with classroom teaching and corporate exposure.

Experts from various industries are regularly invited to take classroom basics a step forward. An essential part of the training atSATYA is that the students have to undertake various activities and understand the process of doing things. SATYA believes in learning through innovation. That’s why we encourage the students to do identify and work on live problems.

The teaching methodology aims to shape our students into mature, goal driven professionals, with creativity & versatility. SATYAcultivates an atmosphere ensuring that the students hone the personality and skills so as to carve out their own niche in the corporate world.

SATYA believes in ongoing training on Personality development from second year onwards.