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Central Library


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The mission of SGI is to support the Educational goals and instructional needs of the institute. It provides students with ample resources to supplement classroom and laboratory learning, to help develop their research and independent learning skills. To support our goal, SGI has an excellent library in 460 sq. m area. The library has more than 25000 volumes in addition to National & International Technical Journals and Magazines. Students have access to Digital Library/e-library to nurture their research aptitude. Central library is fully computerized with internet facility to assist online research for staff and students. The library is having the following sections:

Lending Section, Reference Section, Book-Bank Section, Journal Section, Reading Area

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We subscribe the Delnet Consortium IESTC and IMC.

User can access only in college only after permission of librarian. Please visit the following link for Delnet Consortium IESTC and IMC