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B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

Introduction:“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money”

Department Of Computer Science Engineering

Introduction: The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at SGI, Palwal is renowned for cutting edge research and for imparting state of the art education. We attract some of the brightest students and faculty. With globalization of the Indian economy, vast opportunities of growth have been thrown open for the computer software and hardware industry. Software being one of the largest growing sectors of the Indian economy, the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the SGI has been at the forefront of churning out software engineers with a high calibre of technical expertise.. It continues to foster and engender the innovation and breadth of vision necessary to excel in the blooming software industry. The experienced faculty exposes the would be computer engineers to a rigorous and exhaustive curriculum designed to bring out the best in them and to keep them in touch with the latest state of the art technology. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands-on training and overall, development of the individual’s personality. The teaching program has been devised keeping in view close interaction with the industry. The competence of the department is reflected in the growing demand for its fresh graduates. The department strongly believes that neither the industry, nor the academics alone have the resources to adequately deal with the quest for innovative excellence in this field of computers, for global competitiveness. Hence the Institute-Industry interface programs enable the students to interact constantly with the industries. Equal importance is given to the classroom learning which is meant primarily for the theoretical or conceptual inputs of knowledge on a variety of projects.

Vision: To produce globally competitive, highly skilled, socially responsible computer science engineers who can work in highly challenging and dynamic knowledge based industry and pursue higher education.


  • To impart high quality professional, research oriented, and skill based training to students
  • To excel in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in computer science and engineering through comprehensive educational programs and research, dissemination through scholarly publications, and service to professional societies.
  • To give exposure to students on emerging technologies by providing hands-on experience and to inculcate values, and leadership qualities with zeal to serve society and to bridge the digital divide.

Courses Offered: The Department offers the following programmes:

# Course Offered Total Intake
1 B. Tech in Computer Science 60

Syllabus Plan:

Semester 1

S.No. Subject Name
1 Essentials of Communication
2 Mathmatics I
3 Physics I
4 Basics of Electronics
5 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
6 Basics of Mechanical Engineering

Semester 2

S.No. Subject Name
1 Communication Skills in English
2 Mathmatics II
3 Physics II
4 Engineering Chemistry
5 Electrical Technology
6 Engineering Drawing

Semester 3

S.No. Subject Name
1 Mathmatics III
2 Analog Electronic Circuits
3 Data Structures & Algorithms
4 Digital Electronics
5 Effective Technical Communications

Semester 4

S.No. Subject Name
1 Discrete Mathematics
2 Computer Organization & Architecture
3 Operating System
4 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
5 organizational Behaviour/Finance & Accounting
6 Environmental Sciences

Semester 5

S.No. Subject Name
1 Signals & Systems
2 Database Management Systems
3 Formal Languages & Automata
4 Object Oriented Programming
5 Economics for Engineers
6 Graph Theory/Advanced Computer Architecture/Intelligent Systems/Image Processing
7 Constitution Of India

Semester 6

S.No. Subject Name
1 Compiler Design
2 Computer Networks
3 Advanced Algorithms/Software Engineering/Data Mining/Digital Signal Processing
4 Parallel and Distributed Algorithms/Distributed Systems/Soft Computing/Computer Graphics
5 Soft Skills and Interpersonal Communication/Cyber Law and Ethics/Data Analytics Using Python/Electronic Devices/Digital System Design
6 Human Resource Management/ICT for Development/Intellectual Property Rights/International Business Environment/Operations Research
7 Project 1

Semester 7

S.No. Subject Name
1 Queuing Theory and Modeling/Real Time Systems/Speech and Natural Languages/Optimization Processing Techniques
2 Game Theory/Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks/Data Analytics/Web and Internet Technology
3 Information Theory and Coding/Internet Of Things/Neural Networks and Deep Learning/Cryptography and Network Security
4 Financial Management/E-commerce and Entrepreneurship/R Programming/Renewable Energy System
5 Economic Policies in India/Cloud Computing/Optical Network Design/High Speed Networks
6 Biology
7 Project

Semester 8

S.No. Subject Name
1 Project