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Campus Life

Education is not a mere process of taking courses & assessments: it is also a matter of learning professionalism, commitment, tolerance & the significance of team play. Hence through various extracurricular activities (mandatory) student will get a chance to bond with each other & make their experience more eventful.

Students can come together for relaxation, informal gatherings & bond with one another over popcorn & Pepsi/soda at the canteens, common rooms or in the auditorium(proposed) where movies would be screened every weekend. The town will be adorned with trendy shopping malls & multiplexes, cool coffee bars and home to best country side experience.

India is a vast country & offers various activities & sports, which people in their day-to-day lives are deprived of . SGI will give its students the chance to explore the country through college sponsored trips such as, trekking, sightseeing & excursions.

For adventure & sports freaks numerous activities like cricket, table tennis, basket ball, chess, carrom, volleyball, and Student Teacher cricket matches will be arranged.

For further personality development & grooming, SGI will have complementary courses like table mannerisms & accent neutralization.

The college will regularly participate in intercollegiate meets to build appreciation for healthy competition and encourage synergetic high performance team building.